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The Skinny On Us

We are Melbourne’s O.G when it comes to creating compelling visual content for brands and businesses to use on websites and social media.

We bring your marketing to life helping you shine and stand out. All businesses are welcomed but we have a serious obsession for small businesses and start-ups.

We’re a match made in heaven if you’re into impactful, engaging and bold material which connects with your customers on an emotional level. Our secret sauce is creating engaging and entertaining stories which evoke emotion and drives your customers to take action.

Whether you’re after videos or photos, let us take care of your visual content so you can concentrate on spending time on what matters most.

What We Do


Videos are arguably the most important tool in any marketing strategy and its popularity has gone hand-in-hand with the rise of social media.


Think about all those people on their daily commute to and from work, scrolling through their socials watching videos.


What if one of those videos were yours? 

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How many times have you dismissed a brand because their visuals didn’t grab you? People underestimate the power of a photo. Photos command attention, establishes your brand and drives action.

Your customers want to picture themselves using your product or service, they want to relate with your brand. The right photos will keep their attention on you!

Creative Ads

Think of brands which have used advertising to forever ingrain themselves in our minds – Nike’s‘ ‘Just do it’ or ‘Have a break, have a KitKat’.

Ads aren’t just for print media anymore, think bigger, showcase your ads online – your socials, your website. 




Are you ready to up your social game?

Mate, these are absolutely phenomenal! We are so happy with how the video turned out! So much talent! Really, you guys absolutely killed it!

Team WPN