Spark their emotion, encourage engagement and incite action through video storytelling 

FUN FACT - Did you know that people currently spend about 84 minutes a day watching online videos and that is expected to increase to 100 minutes in 2021? Shouldn’t one of those videos be yours?


True! Commercial videos have a bad rep for being boring, dry and overdone. Also true, we are not that kind of a video production house.


Videos are the perfect platform for you to flaunt your expertise while attracting potential customers and engaging your existing ones. So, let your videos do all the hard work for you whilst you focus on working the rest of the business.

Stories We've Told

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Matteo Bernasconi - The Cure
The Story of an Artisan Jeweller
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Mark of Style
Sitshoothon Promotional Video
Cesare Paciotti (Promo Video)
XS Expresso - Launch Video

Types of Video

These are the services our clients ask for most, but it's not all we do. Whatever video you need, we can bring it to life. 


This is our absolute forte!

These videos are your big introduction to the world and they build brand awareness. They’re meant to tell a story your audience can relate to and builds an emotional connection.


This is where you get to share what makes your business unique, your brand’s story, values and why your customers should choose you.


Think of this as a documentary of your brand.

Promotional Videos

These are designed to showcase your new product or service.


Excellent to help consumers easily understand what you offer, how it works and why it’ll benefit them.

Always great for improving brand recognition and these videos usually contains the business logo as well.

Corporate Video

Meant to act as a sales brochure for your business and features the people behind the name, what you offer and the company philosophy.


These are typically anywhere between 3 to 5 minutes long and tend to include keys persons like founders and executives talking about the company and the “why” behind the brand.


A corporate video would usually be found on a company’s ‘About Us’ page.

Have something else in mind? 

Let’s start with a free, 20-minute consult call and tell us what you're looking for


Our Video Production Process



We’ll brainstorm to determine your objectives, target audience, key messages and everything we need to know about your brand. 



We provide you with a non-obligatory quote.


Once you’re happy we’ll require a 50% booking fee to book in your shoot.



The devil is in the detail!


We’ll go back and forth until we finalise the storyboard, wardrobe, location, etc.


Shoot Day 



For us to all have a good time, we ask that you be completely ready for this day. 


First Cut

2 weeks after the shoot, we’ll send you the preview of the video and ask that you come back to us with adjustments and feedback within the week.


Second Cut

We will revise the first edit cut based on your feedback and send you the second edit for final adjustments and feedback.



One week after you give us your feedback, your video will be ready! We’ll also send you the final payment invoice.



Upon receipt of the final payment, the finalised video will be delivered to you, and the project is complete!!

For all you curious cats, click below to get a rough idea on our pricing